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The New Generation of Therapeutic Clothing

With comfort in mind, our team developed Evolvik—clothing that helps with body positioning, tone control and sensory processing in patients. The Evolvik line of garments are easily accessible, flexible, durable and practical.

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About Evolvik

Evolvik uses the most breathable fabrics to provide comfort and aesthetics for its wearer. Evolvik garments work wonders on the wearer's self-esteem during therapy sessions and daily activities—making the process a lot more motivating for the patient.

It's important to note that the use of the Evolvik line of garments should be supervised by a qualified professional, who will take the patient's condition into account before suggesting the amount of time and frequency of wearing the garment.

Discover the Evolvik Products

Most patients with neurological disorders have difficulties with space orientation, tone control, and how they respond to touch. Our products are designed to help addressing this problem.

How to buy our products? The Evolvik products can be purchased online on the PediaSuit website. Shipping is FREE within the United States. For other countries, please call us.


The RotaFlex is a rotating garment that facilitates lower limb alignment. It's a piece developed primarily for the purpose of being an extension of intensive therapy, but can easily be used in daily activities.

The RotaFlex is easy to handle, thanks to the elastics incorporated in the garment. This lycra material is stretchy enough to accommodate a wide range of body types, facilitating activities in the wearer's daily life including school, therapy, or just having fun at home.

RotaFlex for Internal Rotation

Patients who need help correcting their externally rotating lower limbs can truly benefit from using the RotaFlex for Internal Rotation. The elastic starts around the upper thigh and rotates toward the lower thigh, closer to the back of the knee or back of the leg. To complete the rotation, the second elastic, located near the back of the knee is rotated around the front of the leg, ending near the top of the foot. You will instantly notice the change in rotation.

RotaFlex – Internal Rotation

RotaFlex for External Rotation

Patients who suffer from internally rotating lower limb can benefit from using the RotaFlex for External Rotation. The first elastic starts at the stomach area and rotates towards the lower thigh, ending at the back of the knee. This helps with the alignment of the wearer's thigh. The second elastic begins at the back of the knee and wraps around the front of the leg, ending near the top of the foot.

RotaFlex – External Rotation

Proprio Leggings

Is a proprioceptive pair of pants with joint compressions focused around the knee.

Proprio Leggings

Proprio Tops

Evolvik's proprioceptive tops were created with the patient's comfort in mind. These tops can be used in different environments and for the different need of each wearer. The Proprioceptive long sleeve, short sleeve, and tank tops can be used during any regular activity and helps provide comfortable compression. The tops also include conveniently located zippers that make putting the top on and off, a breeze.

Proprio Short sleeves

Proprio Weighted Vest

The Evolvik line of garments offers a Weighted Vest for those who require it. The Weighted Vest is versatile, easy-to-handle, and is aesthetically pleasing for the wearer. It also has four internal pockets to place weights for the need of each individual. The weights can be comfortably used during daily activities and therapy sessions because they aid in somatosensory organization.

Proprio Weighted Vest

Case Studies

Proprio Top and leggings

Taking comfort into consideration, we developed a line of garments that help with the body positioning, tone control, and sensory processing of patients.

Proprio Sleeve and Proprio Legging

LUCCA, 4-years-old, plays kickball in the Spider Cage. He uses his own Proprio Sleeve and leggings, increasing his ability to concentrate and making therapy a more pleasant experience.

Sensory Integration with Weighted Vest

LUCCA, 4-years-old, in sensory integration therapy with the Weighted Vest. Variable weights can be used in activities that require a higher level of concentration and attention.

Flexibility and Durability

These garments help with body positioning, tone control, and sensory processing of patients. Evolvik is flexible, durable, and practical.

RotaFlex for External Rotation

DAVI, 2-years-old, uses the RotaFlex for External Rotation. Davi is well-positioned and sensory organized during play.

Wearing the full Evolvik suit

DAVI, 2-years-old, and BERNARDO, 1-year-old are wearing the complete Evolvik suit. David with the RotaFlex and the Propio Sleeve, and Bernardo with Leggings and Long propio. Well positioned and organized, they had a lot of fun.

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